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University College London.
Kathleen Lonsdale Building.
Rationalisation of Secondary Heating Circuits in Plantroom OLB7

Project cost - £197,000.00 (Services element)

  • Description of Project

    The Campus district heating distribution is connected to three plate heat exchangers located in a Basement Plantroom in the Kathleen Lonsdale Building, with each exchanger dedicated to a separate building i.e. KLB, Slade and Pearson/134 Gower Street.

    The secondary heating circuits had been modified/adapted over many years resulting in poor access to plant for maintenance purposes.

    University College London's brief was to replace all secondary heating circuits to improve access and to install inverter controlled pump sets and new BEMS system to improve energy efficiency.

  • Services Provided

    Fowler Martin was the lead consultant and undertook the following duties:

    • Design of the mechanical and electrical services and associated builders work from conception to completion
    • Project Management
    • Cost Control
    • Liaising with Estates Maintenance Department and Building users
    • Managing the Principal Contractor throughout the installation period
    • Liaising with UCL Safety Officer for asbestos removal
  • Key Challenges

    The primary challenge was to survey all buildings served from KLB to determine the heating load requirement for the new circuit pumps and pressurisation equipment.

    Following an asbestos survey which identified the need for enabling works by a specialist removal contractor, it was agreed that all redundant pipework and plant would also be removed as part of these works.

    The new design ensured ample access was provided to all new equipment for maintenance and UCL Estates Operatives attended site regularly during the installation and their observations implemented.

  • Team Integration

    As lead consultant Fowler Martin prepared the Feasibility and Cost Plan for the Estates Department.

    Following tender return Fowler Martin chaired the Pre-Construction Meeting followed by regular Progress Meetings during the Works.

    PMI's were issued to confirm agreed variations and monthly valuations prepared and certificates for payment issued to UCL.

  • Sustainability

    Pumps were selected to meet the system duty at the most efficient operating duty point and fitted with inverter controlled motors to minimise energy consumption by maintaining a constant pressure in the heating circuits.

    Increased insulation standards were specified on Plantroom pipework with insulated jackets on valves and flanges to reduce heat losses.

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